Saturday, April 25, 2020

How to Teach Writing in STEM Classes

Traditionally, the task of turning students into proficient writers has always been considered an English teacher’s job. Therefore, finding innovative ways to include writing in the ELA classroom appears second nature to most English teachers.

With the impending implementation of the Common Core State Standards, school districts now expect all teachers to play a vital role in honing students’ writing skills by consistently incorporating writing into their lesson planning.

While this expectation doesn’t appear unrealistic, some teachers outside of the ELA content area find themselves in unfamiliar, as well as, uncomfortable territory. This sentiment grows steadily especially among STEM teachers who feel their math and science backgrounds haven’t sufficiently prepared them to teach writing.

Have no fear! The successful integration of writing doesn’t have to be steeped in unease. In fact, employing a few simple tips over a period of time will allow STEM teachers to build a writing program easy to facilitate and maintain.


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