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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Eduindex News

Eduindex News is a next-generation global news publishing company that helps scholars get the free access to educational contents and news at one place. Our digital products, services, and engineering are built on years of innovation, with a world-renowned management philosophy, a strong culture of invention and risk-taking, and a relentless focus on customer relationships. 
EDUindex News is a division subsidiary company of Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd created with a vision to provide educational contents & educational news at one place. With our brands like IJREduPubPen2Print and Eduindex, we are serving the humanity and helping scholars around the world. 
Joining the Eduindex News team give you an opportunity to work on different fields of content writing, editorial works, digital marketing, publishing, audio visual communication and public relation building aspects of the media publication work.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Handy YouTube Tools for Teachers

Many districts are realizing the potential that YouTube learning can have in the classroom. There are lots of great videos and channels out there on 1000's of topics.

I have put together a list of some of my favorite tools to use with YouTube. Some are for the creation end, while some are for the consumption end.

Overall, they hopefully will give you a good start on getting more out of your favorite video service.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Ryan Gosling: Teacher Motivation Poster Boy?

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling is here to motivate you through those tough days of teaching...

If you're a teacher on Pinterest, you've probably noticed that everyone is going pin-crazy over the teacher "Hey Girl" series. These are basically pictures of hot stars "saying" encouraging statements about awesome educators.

While there are a few Matt Damons and Justin Timberlake's floating around, Ryan Gosling is ruling the "Hey Girl" teacher scene. You can't like a pinteresting teacher blog without Ryan clogging your feed saying things like: "Hey girl, I like my women how like I like my bulletin boards - bright, engaging and well informed."

This trend may be completely silly, but admit it, it's fun, clever and just plain motivational. And don't we all need a little motivation these days.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Video: The Myth of the Super Teacher

Roxanna Elden, author of See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers, reveals how the myth of the super teacher creates unreal expectations for struggling young teachers.

This clever, practical presentation will hit close to home for every educator and will help set realistic expectations for new teachers.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Fighting Childhood Hunger in Schools

Schools Fight Hunger is on a mission to bring America's schools and school families together in the effort to end childhood hunger.

Learn about the Schools Fight Hunger organization and find out how your school can participate in this exclusive TeachHUB interview.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Cooperative Learning Checklist

Cooperative learning can be a powerful tool for energizing a classroom, motivating students, and raising achievement. However, any teacher who’s used cooperative learning knows that it's not always easy to get kids to work together and stay on task. Sometimes it may even seem like your students would rather work alone than work with someone else!

Luckily, when I first began using cooperative learning, I was working with a terrific team of teachers who enjoyed sharing ideas and supporting each other. We had all been trained in the structural approach to cooperative learning developed by Dr. Spencer Kagan so we were using similar methods. If things weren’t going well, we could talk with each other about what we were experiencing, and often another teacher could point out exactly where things were breaking down.

As it turned out, we discovered that some key pieces had to be in place in order for cooperative learning lessons to go smoothly, and if something was out of whack in one area, it often adversely affected another part of the activity.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

How to Teach Writing in STEM Classes

Traditionally, the task of turning students into proficient writers has always been considered an English teacher’s job. Therefore, finding innovative ways to include writing in the ELA classroom appears second nature to most English teachers.

With the impending implementation of the Common Core State Standards, school districts now expect all teachers to play a vital role in honing students’ writing skills by consistently incorporating writing into their lesson planning.

While this expectation doesn’t appear unrealistic, some teachers outside of the ELA content area find themselves in unfamiliar, as well as, uncomfortable territory. This sentiment grows steadily especially among STEM teachers who feel their math and science backgrounds haven’t sufficiently prepared them to teach writing.

Have no fear! The successful integration of writing doesn’t have to be steeped in unease. In fact, employing a few simple tips over a period of time will allow STEM teachers to build a writing program easy to facilitate and maintain.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Cheap Teacher Professional Development for Summer Break

“I’d love to do some professional development, but it’s just so expensive!”

If that sounds familiar, take heart: here are some activities that are low cost, but high impact – guaranteed to make you a more effective teacher next fall.

Read Your Way to A+ Teaching

During the school year, you probably don’t read much beyond the assignments you’re grading. So this summer take time to read. Study research in your subject area or on education in general.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Teacher Quiz: How Ready Are You for Back to School?

As the sun begins to set on summer break, teachers and students need to get back into the school year swing.  It can be a rough transition from summer to a full-time school schedule if you don’t prepare yourself.

Are you ready to go back to school? Take this quiz to find out:

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Top 20 Teacher Jokes

To end the summer with a giggle, I've compiled and concocted 20 side-splitting (and maybe a little corny) teacher jokes to laugh our way back around to the weekend.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

My Teacher Survival Kit

My students' supply list have been handed out, mailed out, and posted on our school website for the last six weeks. The list includes pencils, papers, markers, colored pencils, and all of the normal necessities needed throughout the year.  Now that they are all set, it is time for me to start putting together my yearly list of things I just can't do without, what I like to call “my survival list!”

We all have the basic supply list of pens, paper, paper clips, staplers, etc... but those items are not the “supplies” I need to start gathering. I am referring to the special teacher supply list need to survive the school year.

Over the years, I have come to realize that my second home is my classroom. As much as I hate to admit it, if I had a bed there, I would probably sleep there most nights! I have discovered many times the need for items on my list and couldn't have survived those after school meetings, parent/student conferences, open houses, or all other after school functions without these supplies. They are really that vital!

Monday, April 20, 2020

First Day of School Activities Students Love

The first day of school will be here before you know it. Most teachers face the big day with enthusiasm, but they dread the inevitable challenge: what to do on the first day of school.

Every teacher’s approach is different. Whatever your goal, here are a few things to try to get the school year off to a great start!

Sunday, April 19, 2020

6 Back to School Tips to Organize Your Classroom

Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning”
-Winston Churchill

“If you believe you can, you probably can. If you believe you won't, you most assuredly won't. Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad.”
 -Denis Waitley

In the midst of back-to-school madness, it’s easy to let yourself get overwhelmed with all the planning and prep.

You’ve visited the teacher store, reviewed your curriculum and spent a few nights tossing and turning. Whether you are an experienced teacher or new teacher, these tips can help you organize and plan your time before school starts.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Classroom Overcrowding: It’s Not Just a Numbers Game

In my nearly 20 years teaching in my district, we’ve had several occasions to protest, trying to make our board of education sit up and take notice. One button read “Grossmont Students Lose With Class Size of 34 to One.” It’s black printing on a bright yellow button. I have it pinned to my bulletin board.

Now, I’d give almost anything to have 34 students in my classroom. This year, I have 40 in every single section (that’s five sections…200 kids.) I’m sure one or two may drop eventually, but there's no way to know.

When I tell colleagues that I have 40 students per section, the first reaction is disbelief. Surely I’ve counted wrong? No, afraid not.

In my son’s elementary school, things aren’t much better. He is in third grade, and has 30 little souls in his classroom. Two teachers share the contract for his classroom, and they do an outstanding job. Still, handling 30 8-year-olds is a feat, and trying to teach them something? Well, miracles happen every day. 

With this disturbing trend, schools, teachers and most importantly students are learning the devastating effects of overcrowded classrooms.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Awesome Lesson Ideas to Integrate Science Across the Curriculum

It's easy to feel as if there aren’t enough hours in the school day to properly address all the curriculum expectations that we must teach our students.  The challenging part is addressing curriculum expectations in a meaningful way where students are engaged and motivated throughout the lesson.

One of the most powerful strategies that we have ever learned as teachers is taking a cross-curricular approach in planning lessons and units for the school year, as we are able to incorporate curriculum expectations from various subject areas to create an engaging activity.

By developing cross-curricular activities that are both fun and motivating, teachers can easily integrate science into different subject areas—it only requires a bit of planning and creativity!

We all know that Science and Math are easy to teach together, but did you know that Science can be creatively woven into other subject areas? Science can be integrated into English Language Arts, The Arts, Health & Physical Education and Social Studies to create engaging lessons and activities that your students will just love!

Here are some easy ways to integrate science across the curriculum.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Teacher Stereotypes: Overcoming Apple Sweater Ideals

Ahh, being a teacher. It comes with such a huge stigma. No matter who you are or where you live, you feel like you are an expert on what it means to be a teacher.  Can you fault anyone for this? Not really.

Everyone, even if they only have an eighth grade education, feels they are an expert because the majority of everyone's childhood is spent confined within the four walls of a classroom. Those memories lead to very specific ideas about what teachers should look like and how they should behave, even if it is far from the truth.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

5 Classroom Organization Tips for the New School Year

Welcome to the 2012/2013 school year!  In the spirit of the season, I posted a question to my Facebook Fan Page fans about their professional resolutions for the new school year.

There were lots of fantastic ideas posted, but the one I kept seeing over and over again was the theme of being more organized in the classroom so that he or she would be able to leave after school and actually spend time with loved ones.

The new year brings with it the opportunity to reflect on what works and what doesn’t in our classrooms.  While many teachers do that on a regular basis with their teaching methodology, when was the last time you really thought about the effectiveness of your organization patterns?  It can really make a difference to you, your students, and colleagues!

Here are five classroom organizational tips and tricks to help you start the new school year off right:

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Connect Your Classroom to the Outside World

Including people and experiences outside the classroom has become ever more difficult with budget cuts. But with the cyber world and the U.S. mail at your disposal, you can connect your kids in lots of ways that are inexpensive or free.

Here are a few ideas to connect your classroom to the outside world.

Monday, April 13, 2020

5 Don'ts for Teacher Professional Development

A professional development session can leave a teacher feeling knowledgeable and excited, or feel like the session was a waste of their time.

I’ve had the benefit of working in three different districts; some were very laid back, and others were very uptight. I’ve seen both extremes as far as the PD spectrum goes; I’ve had great, and I’ve been subjected to bad, so I feel qualified to write on professional development.

When I came across the article 5 Ways to Fail at Design in the Harvard Business Review, I became inspired to relate it to teaching.  I knew the points of design failure could aptly be used in the teaching profession, especially in regard to professional development failure.

Take these teachers' perspective tips on what to avoid when planning your next professional development.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

9/11 Teaching Resources

With the 11-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks approaching, now is the time for you and your students to commemorate that infamous day in American history.

We've collected some thought-provoking activities, writing prompts, teacher-recommended resources and lesson plan sites to help you out.

Dyscalculia and Other Uncommon Learning Disabilities

Almost 2.5 million American students suffer through what can be diagnosed as a learning disability like dyslexia. These disabilities can hinder a student’s abilities to readwritespell and speak – and often go undiagnosed.

But dyslexia isn’t the only learning disability from which kids suffer. Two other  examples are dysgraphia and dyspraxia. 

Back to School: 6 Things to Do at the Start of the Year

Hooray! It’s every teacher’s favorite time of year, back to school time! Or is it? Either way, we put together a short-yet-essential list of back to school components to which all teachers should adhere:

Back to School: Top 5 Grammar Tips

No one can dispute the importance of grammar, and at this important back to school juncture, it’s a good time to revisit the rules of the written word. A clear link can be drawn from grammar to professionalism, becoming an intellectual, and attention to detail – all of which will help students in future academic endeavors as well as when they enter the workforce.

From spelling to verbs to punctuation (including sections on commas and semicolons), you’ll be reminded of which grammatical tenets to emphasize in your class this year– and you might be inspired to utilize the grammar-strengthening classroom activities we mention!

But lest you think that only students need a grammatical tuneup, it’s important to note that teachers and administrators also may be lacking a fundamental knowledge of grammar. This article can serve as a friendly reminder to educators who may need a back-to-basics lesson of their own.

As always with all subjects, practicing grammar is a fabulous way to learn it, and this article notes that as well – we spell out helpful, fun ways for you to teach your class the bedrocks of it.

Classroom Management: 9 Free Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips have become an excellent classroom management idea for teachers and schools that don’t have the budget to take real field trips, or who can’t hit the road with their class for other reasons like insufficient staffing.

To pull off taking a virtual field trip, you class only needs a set of computers (or iPads).

In today’s article, we explore how enterprising teachers can employ classroom management skills to take students around the world, from a forest to the Sistine Chapel to the White House.

Other virtual destinations explored include a cockroach, a human body, and an imaginary zoo.

This article will be helpful for all educators looking to expand their academic horizons by creating an outside-the-box lesson plan.

Teaching Strategies: 9 Telltale Signs of a Good EducatorTeaching Strategies: 9 Telltale Signs of a Good Educator

Are you a good teacher? You must be if you’re reading this blog – if you’re an educator concerned about improving your own performance, that’s one of the signs of being a great educator.

All told, today we outline nine classroom qualities of a good teacher – teaching strategies that all decent educators will recognize in themselves and in others.

From being reflective to being imitated by your students to being an expert, you’ll want to read up on the qualities that good teachers embody – and figure out which ones you need to work on.

How Parents Can Prepare for Back to School Time

In our ongoing series about planning for going back to school, today we examine the ways in which all moms and dads can get ready for the inevitable – the first day of school.

It’s a stressful time for kids and parents alike, but with our guide on how to prepare, teachers and family members alike can get themselves ready for the yearly ritual. Going back to school can be rough, but with our tips, you’ll be a little more prepared for what’s coming.

Technology in the Classroom: Ways for Teachers to Connect

21st-century educators can enjoy the spoils of new technology in the classroom to communicate and learn.

From social media to Google docs to, many good websites (most free) offer teachers easy to opportunities to log in and connect with other educators. 

Today’s article gives an overview of the myriad of ways that teachers can use the Internet to share ideas, give feedback and even discuss the finer points of academia.

Technology in the Classroom: A Look at Google Classroom

Teachers entranced with using the latest and greatest technology in the classroom were excited when tech titan Google announced its latest rollout, Google Classroom.

Designed to help teachers and students alike go (more) paperless and enjoy ease of sharing documents, Google Classroom was rolled out to select educators this week.

In today’s featured article we take a look at Google Classroom and how it might alter the educational landscape.

Back to School:’s Ultimate 5-Week Prep Guide

This week we launched a content-packed feature dedicated to help teachers return back to school by preparing them.

Today, our back to school feature series includes articles on starting a blogicebreaker activities, a pre-planning checklist, and how to create a helpful bulletin board.

Check back to each day during the next five weeks to learn helpful tips and tricks to make the first weeks of school successful!

Friday, April 10, 2020

CLIO An Annual Interdisciplinary Journal of History with ISSN 0976-075X

CLIO An Annual Interdisciplinary Journal of History with ISSN 0976-075X publishes only original articles from a wide variety of methodological and disciplinary perspectives concerning ethical issues related to business that bring something new or unique to the discourse in their field. From its inception the Journal has aimed to improve the human condition by providing a public forum for discussion and debate about ethical issues related to business. In order to promote a dialogue between the various interested groups as much as possible, papers are presented in a style relatively free of specialist jargon.

CLIO An Annual Interdisciplinary Journal of History with ISSN 0976-075X Journal gives priority to the latest findings and achievements from experts and scholars all over the world. Each issue contains a variety of critical articles, extensive reviews articles and so on. Send papers for review to

Thursday, January 9, 2020

The Place Names Society of India

Journal Title (in English Language)Studies in Indian Place Names 
Publication LanguageEnglish 
PublisherThe Place Names Society of India
DisciplineSocial Science 
SubjectSocial Sciences (all) 
Focus SubjectGeography, Planning and Development

Studies in Indian Place Names

Journal Title (in English Language)Studies in Indian Place Names 
Publication LanguageEnglish 
PublisherThe Place Names Society of India
DisciplineSocial Science 
SubjectSocial Sciences (all) 
Focus SubjectGeography, Planning and Development

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Studies in Indian Place Names

Studies in Indian Place Names (SIPN) with ISSN 2394-3114 is UGC Care listed journal for research publication. SIPN considers review and research articles related to Social Science and Humanities: Arts and Humanities, Physical Education, Library Science, History, Anthropology, Management, Commerce, Home Science, Sociology, Hotel Management, Tourism, Mass Communication, Accounting, Education, Economics, Law, Philosophy, Finance, Political Science, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, English. Science: Engineering (All Branches), Psychology, and  Architecture, Geography and Geology,  Agricultural, Biological Sciences, Environmental Science, Ecology, Archaeology, Biodiversity and Conservation, Entomology, Health Science: Medicine and Dentistry, Nursing and Allied Health Science, Ayurveda.
On behalf of Studies in Indian Place Names, I would like to extend my regard to all fellow researchers and scholars and wish prosperity in their field. Published by: The Place Names Society of India, NPS India
Send papers for publication to