Saturday, June 15, 2019

CARE Reference List of Quality Journals

CARE has established for creation and maintenance of a “Reference List of Quality Journals” (henceforth named as CARE List). CARE List will have journals proposed by Statutory Councils/ Academies/ Government bodies in Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts and Fine Arts, Science, Medical, Agriculture, Engineering and the Association of Indian Universities (henceforth named as CARE members) and Regional Universities identified by the UGC (henceforth named as CARE Universities)
The journals submitted by CARE Members and CARE Universities will be analysed by UGC Cell as per Part I, II and III of the protocol. The CARE List will comprise of four groups.
  • Group A: Research Journals in disciplines under Science, Engineering, Technology, Agriculture and Biomedical Sciences indexed in SCOPUS and/or Web of Science (WOS). No analysis will be done by the UGC Cell for journals in this group.
  • Group B: Journals qualified after analysis as per the protocol from the existing UGC list.
  • Group C: Journals from social sciences, humanities, languages and Indian knowledge systems recommended by CARE members, which are qualified as per the protocol.
  • Group D: New Journals submitted by CARE Universities which are qualified as per the protocol.


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